Where I Stand – Lancaster Guardian

There is no doubt that Brexit will be the defining aspect of this general election. Out and about across the constituency, I am hearing again and again the clear message that we need to get Brexit done. There is real and understandable anger and frustration among voters who are dismayed by what has gone on in Parliament recently – especially the dithering and delay of Labour and the anti-democratic “stop Brexit” stance of the Lib Dems.

I’m all too aware of the democratic deficit that lies at the heart of the EU; and as a staunch leave supporter for many years, I’m backing Boris Johnson all the way to get Brexit over the line, so we can all move on and work towards the things that really matter.

Things like our beloved NHS. I was delighted to learn this week of the fantastic £34m boost to refurbish Royal Lancaster Infirmary, a place very close to my heart.

Things like law and order. As a magistrate, I know how fundamentally important it is for our residents to feel safe in their homes and on our streets.

Things like ensuring our young people are given the best education and training to equip them for the future, be that through our simply wonderful university (having studied and taught at Lancaster University, I admit to a proud bias!) or through re-energised skills training and apprenticeships.

Things like a sustainable homes-building programme, protecting our precious green belt land – and protecting the flood-prone parts of this unique, diverse constituency.

And things like improving our transport and infrastructure, supporting our rural communities and agricultural sector, and proudly celebrating our rich Lancastrian heritage.

So let’s honour the result of the referendum, get Brexit done and look ahead to an exciting new chapter for this country – and for this constituency.

This piece will feature in the Lancaster Guardian this week (week commencing 4th November)

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